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PITA working to make sure Island not cut off by storm

Plum Island has seen many "wash overs" at the Center -- storm surges that roll over the dune, down the parking lot and into the street, temporarily flooding Plum Island Boulevard.

But what if we took a direct hit like the one New York and New Jersey barrier beaches were dealt by "Superstorm Sandy" in October 2012? That storm trapped hundreds in their homes for days or weeks.

What if happened here and the waves didn't just wash over the dune at the Center but breached it?

Obviously, we'd be in real trouble. None more so than those living on the north end of the Island, from the Center to the Point, on Northern Boulevard and side streets. They might be unable to evacuate the Island except by boat or air. That's because the only road that directly links the northern end of the Island to Plum Island Turnpike is Plum Island Boulevard, which runs from the Center to Old Point Road/Sunset Drive.

But in the event of a breach, much or all of Plum Island Boulevard would likely be under several feet of water. Is there any way around this?

As a matter of fact, there are several ways.

When the Plum Island Beach Company laid out the lots and roadways of the Island, it designated more than 100 rights-of-way, most of them leading to the oceanfront or the Basin, designed to give water access to all residents.

But some also connect Northern Boulevard to Old Point Road, notably 12th, 14th and 16th streets.

They are not now passable for motor vehicles. But PITA has been lobbying for years to open at least two of the three rights-of-way for on and off access in the event of an emergency.

We ramped up our efforts after the storms of last winter claimed several houses on the southern end and threatened the Center.

And now it seems we're making some progress. A meeting organized by state Sen. Bruce Tarr at the behest of PITA president Ron Barrett was set to be held at the end of this October to address the emergency access issue.

The effort to open these old rights-of-way to provide emergency access and evacuation routes is just one aspect of our decade-old campaign to preserve Plum Island rights-of-way for the benefit of all Island residents.

As mentioned, the Plum Island Beach Company laid out more than 100 rights-of-way. Eighty of these were identified in 2006 Plum Island Public Access Plan done for the state at the urging of PITA.

With financial support from PITA, 14 of these rights-of-way have been surveyed. We hope to survey more of the most important access points.

Next year, our goal is to begin marking the critical rights-of-way with alphabetical signs, starting with "A" and proceeding north along the oceanfront.

On the seaward side of these rights-of-way we hope to plant posts with markers that will allow us to chart the movement of sand along the beach -- where sand is being lost or gained. This could allow Plum Island to qualify for FEMA aid to replenish any lost sand.

We hope you appreciate the efforts of PITA, an all-volunteer nonprofit that works for the betterment of the Island.

We also hope you will support those efforts by joining PITA, making a donation and supporting our fundraising efforts, like the Taste of Plum Island and our Christmas fair.

PITA Accomplishments 2013

Army Corps quote "Plum Island is the most documented beach in America!"

Community Activities

    1. Aerial photos to document ocean and sand movement

    2. Continued work on Plum Island rights of way on ocean front 

    3. Continued work on  right of way for  emergency escape route on Hutchins Way

    4. Taste of Plum Island

    5. Annual Christmas Fair and tree delivery

Hall Maintenance and upkeep, future projects

    1. New electric service to replace 20 yr old service, upgrade to 200 amp service

    2. New lighting for building,  outside lighting in parking lot

    3. Plastic trim all around for better appearance and reduced maintenance 

    4. Stone in parking lot that we obtained for free from Hard Rock, the supplier of rocks for the PI Jetty 

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Right now, there is only one road off the island...

See More aerial photos here

Christmas Fair celebrates 19th year

You can pick out your tree, do some early shopping and have your kids deliver their lists to Santa, all at our 19th annual Plum Island Christmas Fair.

The fair is Saturday, Dec. 7, at Plum Island Hall, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., with Santa returning by fire truck for his annual visit about 2 p.m.

Once again, we'll be selling premium trees, with free delivery on the Island. The PI Beautification Society will sell customd decorated wreaths and baked goods.  Crafters and artists from Plum Island and vicinity will offer handmade gifts, stocking stuffers and holiday decorations.  

There will also be raffle prizes, refreshments and lunch specials, including hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade haddock chowder and Diane Barrett's famous chili. 

The event is one of PITA's two major annual fundraisers, with the Taste of Plum Island in May. All proceeds go to help maintain the Hall as a gathering spot for Island residents and support other PITA efforts, including surveying and marking public rights-of-way.

So save the date and come celebrate the season with your PI neighbors.  Vendors interested in reserving a table may call Frank Pierce at 978-462-8808

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  1. -PITA works on island escape route for storms

  2. -christmas Fair Dec 7th, celebrates 19th year

  3. -PITA 2013 Quote  from Army Corps: “We are the most documented beach in America!”

  4. -Zumba classes every Tues. 7pm pita hall (except 1st Tues.  call 508.612.8154 for more info)

  5. -PI beautification meetings 7pm PITA 1st tuesday

  6. -New feature: People of Plum Island!

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