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What is PITA doing for you?

Here are a few of our projects

Plum Island was Desolation Island for much of the winter, battered by storm after storm.

Spring is here at last, with summer not far behind. (Celebrate with us at the Taste of Plum Island Friday, May 16th . Details in this newsletter.)

But PITA didn't take the winter off. While the island hunkered down in the cold and snow, we kept plugging away at the many betterment projects you help support with your membership dues, donations and participation in our fundraisers.

Here's an update on some of our ongoing projects:

> Emergency access roads: PITA has been working for several years with Newbury and state officials to open emergency access roads from Northern Boulevard to Old Point Road so that residents would be able to get on and off the Island in the event of a catastrophic breach of the dune at Plum Island Center. A breach could flood Plum Island Boulevard, stranding people north of the Center. In early March, we received word that state Sen. Bruce Tarr of Gloucester, a good friend of Plum Island and PITA whose district includes the Newbury-Rowley-Ipswich end of the Island, has secured a $120,000 earmark for the project in the Senate's version of the Transportation Bond Bill. The money is by no means a sure thing -- it is also included in the House version of the bond bill (thanks to state Rep. Lenny Mirra of West Newbury) but still must pass muster with the governor. But the earmark is a strong step in the right direction. The access roads -- one on and one off the island -- would run along rights of way that connect Northern Boulevard to Old Point Road via 10th, 12th, 14th  and  16th streets. Two of the four would be selected. The money would be used to make the rights of way passable again and install gates at either end that would be opened only in an emergency.

> South Jetty: If you stayed on the Island this winter, you will have seen the steady parade of flatbed trucks carrying huge pieces of rock to the Point to rebuild the South Jetty, a $2.5 million project PITA has been working on for several years. The work is expected to be completed by the end of April. Next on PITA's agenda are repairs to the North Jetty, on the Salisbury side of the Merrimack River. Both jetties are important in protecting the island from the beatings administered to the beach and private property when northeasters hit.

> Aerial photography: PITA continued its regular aerial surveys of the beach, through the winter. The photos show how sand is shifting along the beachfront due to the forces of nature and the repairs to the jetties. You may see the photos at http://www.plumislandtaxpayers.org/PITA/Aerial_Photos.html  Among other things, the aerial photos have also revealed a potential hazard for boaters at the tip of the South Jetty. Tumbled-down rocks have been left untouched by the Army Corps of Engineers during the rebuilding of the jetty. The rocks will be submerged at high tide so that boaters unfamiliar with the river and the jetty may be tempted to cut close to the finished end of the jetty. PITA is attempting to persuade the Coast Guard to place a marker buoy or some other warning signal at the end of the jetty to spare boaters from hitting the rocks.

> Bennett Hill: PITA has been outspoken in defending the rights of oceanfront homeowners to protect their property against the ravages of winter storms. This winter, we advocated for the right of the owners of the historic Bennett Bill cottage to gird their property with a massive wall of rock. The work, paid for privately, was completed in January.

As always, PITA continues to work to preserve our historic beach rights of way so that we all have access to our most valuable asset. We are now hoping to persuade the city of Newburyport, for example, to allow us to install a Mobimat at the 61st Street right of way to protect the dune while preserving public access.
We also steadily work to maintain and improve our hall as a gathering place for Island residents.
We regularly rent the hall to help pay for insurance, heating, air-conditioning, maintenance and other expenses while also providing the hall without charge for meetings of Island groups like the Friends of Plum Island Light, Plum Island Beautification, blood drives and mercy meals for Plum Island residents.

If you love the Island as we do, you can help by joining PITA if you are not already a member, making a donation or turning out for our two big annual fundraisers, the  Christmas Fair and the Taste of Plum Island.

Buy lots of raffle tickets.

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Jetty complete....almost.

See More aerial photos here

Taste of PI Friday May 16th

Culinary Delights By North Shore’s Finest Chefs

Friday, May 16, from 6 to 8 p.m.

The Annual Taste  of  Plum Island Fundraiser-- the unofficial kickoff to summer hereabouts since 2000 -- is Friday, May 16.

It's a chance to mingle with your friends and neighbors while sampling some of the finest appetizers, main dishes and desserts that local restaurants have to offer.

Tickets are $35 and include beer, wine and soft drinks. We limit the number of tickets and sell out every year, so be sure to buy yours early. Buy tickets  at the usual spots, including Bob Lobster, Dick's, Mad Martha’s, Moe's and Surfland.

Get them before they’re gone!

Doors open at 6 and the evening winds down with the drawing for our famous raffle including Flat Screen TV, and many more gift certificates and items from local businesses at 8.

We're still working on the lineup of restaurants participating this year, but last year's included Bob Lobster,

American Barbecue, All American Tavern, Angelina's, Black Cow, Bucciarelli's Butcher Shop, Carry Out Cafe, China One, Domino's Pizza, Famous Pizza, Giuseppe's, The Grog, Hanah Japan, Jewel in the Crown, Mapow Sushi Thai Restaurant, Newbury Butchery, Not Your Average Joe's, Oregano Pizzeria and Ristorante, Plum Island Beachcoma, Plum Island Grille, Port Tavern, Purple Onion and Starboard Galley.

Not to mention desserts from Zac and Ani's, Alden Merrill,  Gram's Ice Cream, Dolce Freddo Gelato, Simply Sweet and Revitalive Cafe.

We thank them all for their generous support.

All proceeds benefit PITA's efforts to make the Island a better place to live and visit, including our work to combat erosion and preserve beach rights-of-way, and maintaining PITA Hall.

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