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PlumFest 2016 Rocks Plum Island!

On Saturday, May 20th, Plum Island was awash with music as the island celebrated the second annual “PlumFest” porch festival. It was an amazing celebration of music and community as over 60 performing acts (including many local musicians) played music at two dozen different venues across Plum Island. The day presented a perfect opportunity for islanders to come out, greet their neighbors and ring in the spring/summer season. It also provided a chance for visitors to see the island at its festive best, while also offering a showcase for local musicians to perform in front of many enthusiastic and supportive music fans.

The performers - and the attendees - made for an eclectic afternoon, for sure; one band, The Bistanders from Byfield, consists of high school students who have been playing together for ~6 months, but you could also find long-time Boston rock favorites like Gary Shane and Andy Pratt, whose 70’s hit “Avenging Annie” established him as a rock legend and cult favorite. And right alongside them were multiple bands with strong Plum Island roots, including Unnamed Colors, Bahama Bob Band, Southbound Outlaws, Surfside Cowboys, Banda da Goma, Hellcat Choir, Muckie Mittens and Traveling Newburys among others.

For folks coming from the “mainland,” shuttle bus service and free parking were offered at Plum Island Airport, and the shuttles circulated around the island all afternoon. Still, most of the “traffic” on the island consisted of folks walking, biking and occasionally skateboarding or pushing/pulling baby strollers and wagons. It was definitely an “all-ages” event!

PlumFest was created last year by island residents Cynthia Keefe and Kevin Kelley, primarily to provide an opportunity to showcase both the natural beauty of the island and the variety of musical talents that either live here or have a strong connection to the island, The event is free to everyone, as the musicians, home hosts and organizers all volunteer their efforts. Donations are collected (and encouraged) at each site, so that the event, in addition to being a day of fun and festivity, can also benefit a worthy cause. This year, attendees and supporters donated over $7000 to benefit The Pettengill House of Salisbury, a local human services organization that serves families in need throughout the local area.

This year, PlumFest received generous grants from The Newburyport Cultural Council and the Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank, as well as support from Promo Printing, New England Biolabs, Clinker-Built Arts by Jason Novak, Plum Island Soap Co. and many individuals. And we are already thinking about next year, hoping to keep the same spirit going! If you would like to be involved next year as a host, volunteer or organizer, you can sign up on our web site at www.plumfest.org. When the new year rolls around, the organizers will contact you to help get next year’s PlumFest up and running.

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  1. -PlumFest 2016 Rocks Plum Island!

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  3. -Markers preserve rights of way, map erosion

  4. -Island Catboat sold to boat builder's son

  5. -Contact PITA for new book, Plum Island and Salisbury Memories, published by the Daily News, 2016, Alan White Editor.

  6. - PI beautification meetings 7pm PITA hall- 1st tuesday


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Markers preserve rights of way, map erosion               

The tall white posts you've seen up and down the beach at Plum Island this summer are there for a reason.

Two reasons, actually.

First, they serve to mark the rights of way that give people access to the beach even if they are not beachfront property owners.

Just as important, they are helping map the erosion that has threatened the homes of those beachfront owners and the interests of all Island residents and visitors.

Charting and protecting the rights of way is a longtime and continuing project of PITA, supported by revenue from memberships dues and contributions and rental fees for Plum Island Hall.

The threat of erosion is another continuing concern and one that PITA has worked hard to address. The new beach markers will help provide data for that effort, said PITA president Ron Barrett.

Forty-one markers run from the wildlife refuge border north to Plum Island Point. They are 10-foot-long 4-by-4s sheathed in white plastic for easy visibility and buried 4 feet into the ground.

The markers are a collaborative effort of PITA and University of New Hampshire researchers. PITA paid for the markers, which were placed by UNH.

The UNH team uses GPS technology to track the volume of sand in front of the markers since the rebuilding of the South Jetty. So far, the data shows sand being lost in the vicinity of Reservation Terrace and building up on the beachfront north to the jetty, as many have observed.

Barrett said data collected about the loss of sand could prove invaluable when seeking disaster aid from FEMA in the event of a catastrophic storm.

Soon, the markers will carry labels noting they are part of a PITA-UNH study and identifying the right of way each marks by street name or number.

Footnote: Sadly, some people with no concern for others have stolen four of the beach markers. Shame on them.

If you see someone tampering with the markers, please contact PITA.

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