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Plum Island Beautification

Plum Island Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month

All are welcome to PI Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month at PITA hall at 7:00.

Any questions or ideas please email Lynne Petty at lynnepisland@gmail.com

Thank you letter from State Senator Bruce Tarr 

“Thank you for the tremendous work PITA has done - we have a great partnership and I look forward to it’s continuing success.”

“Our first main road from Town Way to northerly tip of Plum Island, September 19, 1920.  “

From the new book, Plum Island and Salisbury Memories, published by the Daily News, 2016, Alan White Editor.

Call PITA or email Frank at Fpierce1@comcast.net for the book.

Iconic Plum Island catboat sold to boat builder's son

For 30 years, the Black-N-Tackle sailed the waters around Plum Island, from the Plum Island River to the Mouth of the Merrimack and beyond.

Over the years, the gaff-rigged catboat with its distinctive black hull became probably the most recognized and photographed sailboat in local waters.

Now the Black-N-Tackle has returned to its maker  – or more precisely, the son of its maker.

The 17 1/2-foot, wide-beamed wooden boat was built in Ipswich circa 1967 by Alex Mulholland II.

Sonny Whittaker, who lives on the Old Point-Newbury side of the Island, bought it in 1985, moored it in the Basin and had been sailing it ever since, until this year.

Whittaker kept a log of his sailing trips, and he said it shows he typically sailed the Black-N-Tackle over 75 days a year.

One of the things that made the boat so picturesque was the red and black mainsail he raised when winds picked up in the fall. The sail was smaller than the white sail he used in the summer, effectively taking in sail in the stronger winds.

"You knew it was after Labor  Day when you saw the red sail," Whittaker said.

The Black-N-Tackle is now sailing other waters.

Whittaker got a call late last year from Alex Mulholland III of New Bedford, son of the builder, who had seen the boat in the Basin and asked if it might be for sale. It was, as Whittaker was buying a new boat.

Mulholland came to  check it out with his father and wife and soon bought it. (Whittaker says he made a slight profit on his original purchase price, though that seems unlikely to cover the hours and hours of work he put into it.)

In the spring, PITA president Ron Barrett used his ramp truck to haul the boat to New Bedford.

May New Bedford enjoy the sight of the Black-N-Tackle under sail as much as Plum Island did.

Sonny Whittaker at the helm of the Black-N-Tackle on the Plum Island River in August 2009 - Photo courtesy of The Daily News of Newburyport