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PITA head named to state Coastal Erosion Commission

Longtime PITA President Ron Barrett has been appointed to the Massachusetts Coastal Erosion Commission by Gov. Deval Patrick.

The commission was created under the 2014 state budget bill. It is charged with investigating and documenting erosion levels and impacts on the Massachusetts coastline  since 1978. It will also assess the financial impact of coastal erosion on property, infrastructure and beaches and dunes and estimate the likely cost of damages over the next 10 years. In addition, the commission is tasked with evaluating the laws and regulations governing efforts to combat erosion and with developing strategies to minimize the impact of erosion.

Ron's appointment grew out of his work with the Merrimack River Beach Alliance, which has brought together local, state and federal officials to address the issue or erosion on the coast from Cape Ann to Salisbury.

Other members of the commission include Newbury Conservation Commission Chairman Doug Packer. Also, Marty Suuberg, the state undersecretary for environment; Bruce Carlisle, director of the Office of Coastal Zone Management; David Cash, commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection; Jack Murray, commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Recreation; Patricia Hughes, a Brewster selectwoman; Anne Herbst of the Hull Conservation Commission; Jack Clarke of Mass Audubon; and E. Robert Thieler, U.S. Geological Survey.

Town considers PI parking options

Newbury selectmen are considering a plan to eliminate some of the public parking spaces on Sunset Drive opposite the Plum Island Grille to ease traffic problems at the busy four-way intersection of Sunset Drive, Old Point Road, Plum Island Boulevard and the Plum Island Turnpike.

The elimination of the parking spaces was one of the recommendations of a traffic and parking study commissioned by the town and done by the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission.

The study found that there were some backups on Sunset Drive during peak traffic periods due to congestion around Plum Island Grille. The study also said police reported there were more than 30 crashes between 2008 and 2012 on the four roads that form the intersection.

The study recommends eliminating five or six of the parking spaces on Sunset Drive nearest the Grille and also eliminating the "double-parking" on the Plum Island Boulevard side of the restaurant.

The town could make up for the lost spaces and even add to the supply of public parking spaces by opening a lot on town-owned land off Olga Way. That land was once used as an unpaved parking lot, but the lot was eliminated during construction of the water-sewer system.

Other recommendations include a small traffic island and a stop sign at the north end of Sunset Drive and better guidance to public parking on the Island, including signs and a map or pamphlet.

October 29, Storm Surge

The Next Storm: Understand the Risks and Be Prepared.  An evening at the Firehouse Theatre with Mike Morris and Jack Clark

Tickets   $10

Tickets available at the Firehouse Center for the Arts!  For more information, email: