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Plum Island Beautification

Plum Island Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month

All are welcome to PI Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month at PITA hall at 7:00.

Any questions or ideas please email Lynne Petty at lynnepisland@gmail.com

Tuesday Night Zumba


Storm Stories! A winter most would probably rather forget....

Story from 56th Street: Some of us could not get out our doors.  My neighbor called yelling for help.  They couldn't get out the front and were trying to get out the side entrance when the one that was able to shovel climbed up on the snow bank and fell in.   Up to her neck in snow, she could not move and  the other one could not get to her.  I yelled to my roommate to grab a shovel quick and run next door with me.   She shoveled a path from the street in to the woman buried and got her out, saving her life.   A very traumatic situation.  

Old Point Rd: During a whiteout, a  plow truck driver got stuck, crawled out and made his way home, only he crawled into the wrong house, 2 houses away from his own house.

Plum Island Turnpike. One of the convoys heading out to Plum Island in whiteout conditions, got lost and some cars ended up in the Marsh.  Front end loaders took up a bucket of snow for a cushion as they pushed cars.

Thank you letter from Mayor Donna Holaday  “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the Plum Island Taxpayers and Associates for opening PITA Hall during this winters sewer emergency...”

AT PITA HALL, Zumba Yoga, every Tuesday night at 6PM, and Thursday mornings 9:30 - 10:30AM  (except 1st Tues.  call 508.612.8154 for more info)

Thank you letter from State Senator Bruce Tarr 

“Thank you for the tremendous work PITA has done - we have a great partnership and I look forward to it’s continuing success.”