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Michael D. Paige
                Post Office Box 893
                        Newburyport, MA 01950
                        Telephone: (508)-405-0673
                        Facsimile: (978)358-8459
                        Email: mpaige@paigelawoffice.com

Year-Round Plum Island Resident
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PITA Membership: renew for 2015 Membership  Drive

$10 individual membership

$20 family membership

If you have not already done so, please renew your membership now for 2014 and support PITA.

Send dues and donations to PITA  at 8 Plum Island Blvd.  Newbury, MA 01951

Contact Susan at sailpi@comcast.net

Plum Island Beautification

Annual Island Wide Yard Sale Saturday May 23 Rain date May 24th.  Please contact Jill at 508-843-6393

Annual Pepperweed Pull. Saturday June 6th at 9:00 at PITA Hall.   Pepperweed is a non-native, invasive species moving into our Island salt marshes! 

Plum Island Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month

All are welcome to PI Beautification meetings, the 1st Tuesday of the month at PITA hall at 7:00.

Any questions or ideas please email Lynne Petty at lynnepisland@gmail.com


Anxious for Summer? Looking to get yourself back into shape after a long, cold Winter? Revitalize, Energize and Breathe by signing up now for Vinyassa Flow Yoga at Plum Island Hall!

Instructor Sarah Oleson will be offering classes Monday evenings beginning April 27th  from 6 to 7:15 PM.

All  levels from beginner to advanced are welcome.

Students should bring a floor mat and water, and plan to arrive 10 minutes before the start of each class. Cost is $10 per class for Plum Island residents and students and $15 per class for drop-in participants. Class cards and discount packages available. Contact Sarah at seoleson@gmail.com.



“The Art of Summer!” July 10, 11 & 12

Summer’s coming to the Island, and so are the Artists! Mark your calendars now to join us on the Island at PITA Hall for The Art of Summer, our fifth annual hosting of the Plum Island Art Festival presented by the members of the Saltbox Gallery during the weekend of July 10 – 12. This gala show will feature live demonstrations by sixteen renowned local artists who will be out-and-about creating images of familiar Plum Island scenes. Throughout the weekend, there will be paintings, hand-made jewelry and fine handcrafts on display and for sale at PITA Hall. An Artist’s Reception is planned for Friday evening, July 10th, 6 – 9 PM. Sponsored by the Plum Island Grille and Vertical Solutions Inc.

Show hours: Saturday and Sunday, 10AM – 5PM. Free Parking. For more information visit Saltboxgallery.net.

Quiet River II, oil on linen by local Newbury artist Candy Way

Storm Stories! A winter most would probably rather forget....

Story from 56th Street: Some of us could not get out our doors.  My neighbor called yelling for help.  They couldn't get out the front and were trying to get out the side entrance when the one that was able to shovel climbed up on the snow bank and fell in.   Up to her neck in snow, she could not move and  the other one could not get to her.  I yelled to my roommate to grab a shovel quick and run next door with me.   She shoveled a path from the street in to the woman buried and got her out, saving her life.   A very traumatic situation.  

Old Point Rd: During a whiteout, a  plow truck driver got stuck, crawled out and made his way home, only he crawled into the wrong house, 2 houses away from his own house.

Plum Island Turnpike. One of the convoys heading out to Plum Island in whiteout conditions, got lost and some cars ended up in the Marsh.  Front end loaders took up a bucket of snow for a cushion as they pushed cars.