May 18, 2019

PlumFest May 18, 2019. .Each year, the festival offers islanders an opportunity to celebrate spring, meet their neighbors, appreciate our beautiful community, enjoy the talents of local musicians and raise money for organizations that help people in our community and beyond.

Year #1 (2015) was the year of deep snow, big winds and failing sewers; we needed a celebration. That first PlumFest showcased about 40 performers, and all money donated went to “Songbird Sings,” an organization that helps bring healing to victims of trauma through music. It’s run by Robin Lane, and her band Robin Lane and the Chartbusters was an incredible addition to our lineup.

Since then the people of PlumFest have donated generously to the Pettengil House of Salisbury, the Boys and Girls Club of Lower Merrimack Valley, the Music and Memory Program at Elder Services, and the Richard Guertin Memeorial Scholarship. All in all, our generous attendees have contributed ~$25,000 to these great organizations through PlumFest!

Hundreds of local performers have entertained in yards all over the island, and many come back year after year; who wouldn’t want to spend the day making music on our fair isle?

The event seems to bring out the best in people. In our first year (the hottest), one woman came out with freeze pops to offer to the audience in the neighbor’s yard. A local businessman has provided banners each year, and another local resident supplied postcards for several years. One performer’s dad prints our T-shirts. Plum Island Kayak has helped out with shuttle service. Each host gives of their time and space to provide stages, shade and welcoming crowds. Many local businesses have contributed to make this event great.

Friends of Newburyport Youth Services will be the beneficiary this year. NYS provides an extensive variety of after-school and summer programs, including recreation, parenting, youth leadership, support groups and community events. These are offered to residents of Newburyport and the surrounding towns.

Please join us in celebration on May 18 from noon to 6, and we are always welcoming new hosts and volunteers!

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