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PITA is an informational organization for Plum Island residents. Please Help Support PITA and become a Member.

Email Susan at [email protected] or call 978-463-0670 for more information

Funds support PITA projects, Hall maintenance, ongoing island activities and social events.

PITA Membership: $35 / year
Family Membership: $50    / year

Member Benefits
Join PITA Online   (Please fill out the JOIN PITA ONLINE form before paying Membership fee below so we can track your payment)

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Join PITA by Mail

Mail in: Print the 2024 Membership Form and join PITA by sending it in today.

 And if you want to help us fund projects:                                           

Become a volunteer for PITA projects or organize events at PITA Hall.
[email protected]

Membership Benefits:
PROPANE / OIL DISCOUNTS! Join PITA to be potentially eligible for a discount on propane and / or oil through Townsend. Membership in PITA can be submitted online http://plumislandtaxpayers.org/PITA/Membership.html. Once an active member of PITA, Townsend Energy may be accepting membership in the PITA Buyers Group for the upcoming 2023-2024 heating season. If seeking membership into the PITA Buyers Group, contact Kevin Anderson at [email protected]. If you use propane or oil for heating your home, you may be able to join the many others in the group who enjoy great pricing paired with no participation or rental fees.
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